Each year, the Intergenerational Alliance hosts a Nigerian artist who produces artworks based on each of the separate themes of our forums throughout the year of their digital residency. Digital copies of these works are featured throughout our website and on other material of the Intergenerational Alliance.

artist image

Julius Agbaje

Artist in Digital Residence (2020 - 2021)

Julius Agbaje is a Nigerian conceptual artist who works primarily as a painter. The popular phrase “Art as a tool for change” is the creed that fuels his entire artistic practice, as is reflected in his paintings, writings, and volunteer work. He is an alumnus of Arts in Medicine Fellowship, where he also served as the Director of Art Projects in Lagos for a short period. Julius has exhibited his artworks in Europe and the USA, and his paintings are in private and public collections locally and internationally. He currently works and lives in Lagos, Nigeria as a full-time studio artist.
See images of his canvas paintings for the Intergenerational Alliance below.