The Intergenerational Alliance was formed to foster bottom-up dialogue between young and old, rich and poor, and across genders on various matters affecting Nigerian society.

Intergenerational Alliance forums bring together small groups of Nigerians from across the generational divide, from all walks of life, religious backgrounds, and ethnicities, to talk about the past, present, and future of our home, Nigeria.

We believe in conversation. We believe in genuine and complex communication that bridges division, increases understanding, and unites us in communal purpose. We believe that for the benefit of our future, it is essential to dialogue.



Our vision is a Nigeria where our voices give permanent and consistent force to our intellectual, moral, and cultural ideals. We reimagine a Nigeria where real and just power resides in the united and collective voices of its many peoples. A Nigeria where our union is justified not by political imposition or arrangement but by the renewed and persistent participation of every Nigerian in the development of our communal understandings and values about what our lives, as Nigerians, ought to be like.


At the Intergenerational Alliance, our mission is to make complex, sustained, and organised interaction and communication about the issues that affect our lives as Nigerians a reality. Our mission is to build, step by step, a genuine and reflective community, deserving of defining for itself its shared freedoms and equalities, protected for each one by the commitments of every other.